Peninsula Restaurant Week

Peninsula Restaurant Week FAQs for Participating Restaurants

  1. What is Peninsula Restaurant Week?
    A Peninsula-wide marketing opportunity for restaurants to increase visibility and foot traffic with nine days of dining deals from May 19-27. During this period, restaurants will offer a special menu item to customers who visit during Restaurant Week.
  2. How does Peninsula Restaurant Week work?
    Restaurants from each city will sign up to participate in Restaurant Week. Once approved, each restaurant will need to create a special menu item specifically for the program. This menu item must be offered during all nine days of Restaurant Week. See below for details on menu price points.
  3. When is Peninsula Restaurant Week?
    Restaurant Week runs from May 19-27, 2022.
  4. Where do I register my restaurant for Restaurant Week?
    You can sign up here.
  5. What is the deadline for Restaurant Week?
    The deadline for restaurant participation in Restaurant Week is Monday, May 2. Register by April 25 to be included in our print advertising.
  6. Is there a fee to participate in Restaurant Week?
    Thanks to our sponsors, there is no fee charged for participating in Restaurant Week.
  7. What are the guidelines for Restaurant Week?
    We will send each participating restaurant a copy of our Restaurant Week Participating Guidelines when you register on the website.
  8. How much am I supposed to charge for my special menu item?
    That's up to you! You have the best judgment of how much you should charge. The only criteria is that price points must be in $10 increments - i.e. $20, $30, $40, $50.
    Examples of Special Menu Item Price Points:
    A. Breakfast $20 (entree/muffin/coffee)
    B. Lunch $30 or $40 (entree/salad/soda)
    C. Dinner $50+ (entree/salad/wine or beer of choice)
  9. Do restaurants have to participate in the program over the weekend?
    Yes, weekends are a part of the event. Offering a special menu item through the entire program is required to participate.