Peninsula Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week Guidelines

  1. All participating restaurants will offer a special menu item for the entire length of Restaurant Week, including weekends.
  2. The Restaurant Week special menu items will be served for each meal service offered at your restaurant.
  3. The special menu item will be separate from your daily menus.
  4. Participating restaurants' special menu item should be sold at a special discounted price.
  5. The special menu item should be priced in $10 increments (Examples: $20 Breakfast (entree/muffin/coffee), $30 or $40 (entree/salad/soda) Lunch, $50+ (entree/salad/wine or beer of choice) Dinner. See Participating Restaurant FAQs for more information.
  6. Restaurants are encouraged to create a web page and post to social media to promote their special menu item throughout Restaurant Week.
  7. All participating restaurants are required to place the Restaurant Week poster on their front window during the entire event.
  8. Participating restaurants must fill out all required information on the Peninsula Restaurant Week form in order to be approved to participate.